My Disclosure Policy

The purpose of South Jersey Mama is to encourage my fellow moms. I seek to encourage you by sharing from my life my experiences with the things in which I am passionate about: my faith in Jesus, raising my boys, books, travel and combatting the negative stigma associated with A.D.H.D. I love to write and through much prayer and consideration, and tweaking over the last year or so, I’ve really felt called by the Lord to be of encouragement in these particular areas and to do it through this blog.

As such, there are some costs to a running blog, such as hosting, web design, and tech help.

You may find affiliate links or paid advertising in posts, as well as in the sidebars or footers. I may sometimes receive a small compensation for any purchases you may make.

I may also, from time to time participate in underwritten posts or giveaways.

However, I need you to know that I will never participate in any of these if it is not something I firmly believe in, or I believe will be of great benefit to you, no matter what the offer may be. The sidebars you see today are, in fact, companies that I have supported for many years, long before thoughts of a blog. They are high quality merchandise that I love using for my family.

Please note, any links or sidebar/footers that are for other blogs by women, are not paid links. Nor, have they asked me to link to them. These are some of my favorite blogs that I have found encouragement from and wish to share with you.

This disclosure policy is per FTC law and is current as of April 26, 2016.